Criminals often fall into their destructive patterns because of the environment where they grew up. There are resources for criminals who want to become educated. You can find these resources by searching online. Rehabilitation programs are also available for teens and adults. It is important that criminals get educated so they understand that they have new choices in their life. There are many second-chance programs that help criminals get a job and recover from their previous life of crime. It Read the rest of this entry »

Drawing The Parallels Between Fact And Fiction
One of the most interesting facts about detective novels is that they appear to be so real. What is more, most novels are loosely based on actual events. However, the main difference between detective stories and actual crimes is that there sometimes is not a resolution in real life. Although this unresolved nature of crimes is very difficult to understand, there are a lot of instances where Read the rest of this entry »

The cold and harsh truth is that illiterate people often turn to crime to make a living and earn some sustainable money. Statistics in the United States say that high school dropouts are very likely to steal and engage in crime. Such statistics and predictions make sense if you think about it deeply.

People who are illiterate have trouble with finding legitimate jobs at local stores, businesses and organizations. They can always turn to harsh physical labor that requires very little reading and writing skills, but such jobs have Read the rest of this entry »

While there may not be a direct connection between literacy and crime, there is likely a strong indirect connection. A majority of inmates, both adult and juvenile, lack the basic literacy skills they would need to get a job. Because they did not attend school enough to learn to read and write well, they also missed many other lessons that are taught in elementary and high school.

Children who don’t learn to read well are typically not involved in extracurricular activities at school. They may even Read the rest of this entry »

Contrary to popular belief, the literacy rate among criminals is actually quite high. America’s jails and prisons are filled with inmates that are actually very intelligent. Keep in mind that some of the prisoners have committed sophisticated crimes that involve money schemes and large illegal rings of criminal enterprises. Essentially, there are plenty of criminals that are skilled with the same abilities as legitimate businessmen. The only difference is that criminals have operated sophisticated operations illegally.

It is common to hear about prisoners writing letters, books and studying various subjects. Read the rest of this entry »